About Cryptocurrencies and Your Gravatar Profile

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What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a new form of digital currency, the most popular being Bitcoin. A currency is held in what is referred to as a digital wallet and identified by the wallet address.

They can be used to purchase some goods and services (including at WordPress.com), but also to "tip" others online - sending a few digital coins is a fun way to thank someone for a job well done, or simply to show that you appreciated a good joke or astute comment.

Read more about cryptocurrency on Wikipedia.

How are cryptocurrencies exchanged and managed?
Cryptocurrencies are held in a "digital wallet," apps or online accounts that store your currency and allow you to send and receive it. Each wallet contains a set of unique addresses, a random string of characters like D8gGzLc8thi5isaxHBtRLyxaQiij6KsyF1. You can obtain your cryptocurrency address from the wallet software or service you use (e.g., Bitcoin Wallets, Ethereum Wallets).

These addresses are needed to send and receive cryptocurrency. If you want to send currency to or "tip" another person, you'll need their address. Anyone who'd like to send you currency will need your address.

Why share your cryptocurrency address on Gravatar?
Since they are long strings of random characters, cryptocurrency addresses are not as friendly to share as an e-mail address or username. On Gravatar, you can associate your address with your account, making it simple for people to see what currencies you use and find the associated addresses.

Gravatar supports any cryptocurrency you'd like to share on your profile, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc.